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Preparing for
the big day
(Guys Edition)!


Thank you for booking your special day with me! I am so excited to capture this very important milestone with you and I am here to make sure everything goes perfectly! We are going to have the best time & I promise it won't be too cringy or boring and you will make your Mama so happy!


  • 3 outfits is the magic number for LUXE sessions and 2 for Signature Sessions. This provides for plenty of looks but without feeling like you are spending the entire session changing. Many of my guy clients also like 2 different pant options with 3 shirt options.

  • wear what you feel great in! Really anything goes. I love a suit and tie as much as I love khaki shorts with a polo! Think about how you will use the images in the future to help with this decision.

  • Feel free to bring a sports jersey or accessories to the session. Anything that was an important part of your high school days!

  • be sure to try on your outfits about a week before your session day so that if there are any issues you have time to respond. You guys grow like weeds in the blink of an eye so make sure it still fits.

  • iron your clothes and bring them on a hanger

  • SOCKS!!! Your socks will show. Or your ankles will show if you are not wearing any socks LOL. Wear what you want to show in your pictures. I am not able to edit in or out or color of socks.

  • colors: while this is somewhat personal I will say my number one suggestion is wear a color that compliments your skin tone. This is almost never going to be black, white, or gray although these colors can work well in certain locations. 

  • patterns: the camera does not love small stripes or tiny prints or repeating patterns such as gingham. They often pixelate and cause some strange effects.

  • feel free to send me your choices and I am happy to weigh in and provide suggestions



  • HYDRATE, drink lots of water & use lotion and chapstick the week leading up to your session and avoid sunburns.

  • I do not recommend self tanning for your portrait session and if you do, please do so 3-4 days beforehand. Self tanner often leaves orange hands and elbows and I am unable to edit this for you

  • Hair: get a fresh cut a week or two before your session and I do not recommend any drastic changes

  • Skincare: take care of that skin the week or two leading up to your session. Wash and moisturize each day. If you have a breakout: no worries, that's what I am here for!

  • Nails: please make sure your nails are manicured. They will be in some shots

  • Accessories: watches and chains and bracelets look great! I do not suggest an Apple Watch but do recommend a nice watch if you own one and are including a nicer outfit. I also love a jacket/blazer even if you are not going to wear it, they look great slung over the shoulder with a pair of khakis and button up shirt.







  • bring your wardrobe changes. I suggest putting jewelry for each outfit in its own baggy and clipping to the hanger for the outfit it goes with

  • shoes for each outfit

  • sports jerseys, trophies, or accessories that you may want to include

  • chapstick

  • insect repellant if it is that time of year


In the case of high winds, very heavy overcast, weather warnings, rain, or illness: I will contact you 3 hours before your hair and makeup appointment or session time (if you do not have hair and makeup scheduled) and we will reschedule. This day is too important to fight with bad weather. I want it to be comfortable and relaxed and fun with no worries.

Men's Watch
Men_s Shoes and Accessories
Football Necessities

still have questions? 

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