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Fresh Light Model Team

Your senior year is a time of transition and change. The Fresh Light Model Team is a great way to add some fun memories, make some friends, learn to pose, gain confidence, and to be a part of something awesome! 


Fun Group Sessions!

The model team is about having fun and feeling good and having the opportunity to be in front of the camera with a group of friends in some free group sessions!


Gain Confidence!

Being in front of the camera and having fun and receiving gorgeous images of yourself throughout the year can be just that confidence boost you need at this point in your life!


Make new friends!

My models all friend each other in real life and on social media and encourage each other and hype each other up and I love seeing genuine friendships form between them. Who couldn't use more friends?

Fresh Light Senior Model Program

Through the Fresh Light Model program, I work with high school juniors from public and private schools in St Louis and St Charles Counties. Our Fresh Light Models are the face of the brand and help promote  my business while getting to be a part of something special.

The Fresh Light Model program includes free group photo sessions, free headshots, and an opportunity to make life-long friendships. 


In addition to the bonds that they build with each other, I absolutely LOVE my time working with these bright and beautiful young people! I love getting the chance to form bonds with them before their own senior portrait session because it just makes the session that much better! It makes getting those natural, real shots that I am know for, even easier!



Is there a fee to join?

.... no fee to join but you do have to book your senior session with me and there are fees for that!

Do I get a discount?

.... yes! You get discounts on the session fee, hair and makeup, and on your collection order

Do I have to have modeling experience?

.... heck no! I am here to teach you to pose & it is all about FUN!! I choose my models based on personality, social media presence, and school and community involvement

How much time do I have to commit?

.... as much or as little as you would like! There are no requirements to be involved in the groups, it is all up to you

Which schools are you looking for?

.... All area public and private schools are welcome to apply

When and how do I apply?

.... If you are a current high school junior apply using the button below! I begin taking applications in October of your junior year and continue to review them through March.


TEAM25 Models

I am currently having so much fun with TEAM25!! We have so much planned and this is such a sweet, gorgeous, and smart group of kiddos. I am so excited to continue to work with them. Apply today if you would like to join in on the fun!

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